It is possible to have a company event, teambuilding experience, conferences, pensioner outings, birthdays or a private dinner at The Medieval Centre.

We will tailor arrangmentes to your requirements and budget.

Please contact Tina Scheel, +45 54 86 19 34

It is also possible arrange a private dinner at the inn "The Golden Swan" - please contact innkeeper Jan Bang, +45 53 81 65 55

Guided tours:

The medieval town of Sundkøbing

The Technology Park

Guided tours: 750 DKK (outside opening hours 1250 DKK)


We offer a wide range of different teambuilding events:

Archery range (+ instructor) DKK 1500,00

Tug of war and the bull in the red sea DKK 800

Old games DKK 800

Soldiers training: DKK 1500


Sailing with the boats:

Small boats DKK 500 per boat per hour

Big boat during the day DKK 1000 per boat per hour

Small boats in the evening DKK 1000 first hour and thereafter DKK 500.

Big boat in the evening DKK 2000 first hour and thereafter DKK 1000.


The trebuchets:

Small: DKK 800

Big: DKK 1000

Outside opening hours: DKK 2500

Fire trebuchet: DKK 4000



Tournament: DKK 7500

Fireworks approx. DKK 15000