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Falconry Show

10 - 17 July 2024

Fluttering feathers and magnificent birds! Falconry show at the Medieval Center


Hobbies as we know them today didn't exist in the Middle Ages - with one spectacular exception! Throughout over 500 years, hunting was the big craze among the nobility when they sought amusement - and the noblest form of hunting was falconry!


The impressive birds weren't prey but rather hunting WEAPONS. They trained these proud birds to catch smaller birds, which were then brought back to the hunter. Well-trained hunting birds were valuable assets and were used as gifts for distinguished princes and kings.


The Medieval Center has had several visits from the fantastic falconry group Falconia, who demonstrate this amazing form of hunting by showcasing the birds, talking about them, and demonstrating what these unusually well-trained, beautiful birds of prey are capable of. The performance is among the most popular, and we are therefore very pleased once again to open the doors for a fantastic show!


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