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The Colourful Middle Ages

15 - 22 July 2024

The Colourful Middle Ages


When observing artefacts from the Middle Ages in museum displays, one might easily get the impression that everything back then was in dull earth tones. However, the truth is that the Middle Ages loved festivities and colours just as much as we do - it was a very, very colourful period, and the brown, grey, and dull colours we see in museums are only because things are so old. Often, the Middle Ages couldn't resist embellishing everything with gold leaf and extravagant colours - if one was wealthy enough, that is.


This week, there is an opportunity to get an insight into how vibrant the time could be when working with both book illustrations and fabric dyeing. Even writing could be both beautiful and colourful. Here, one can learn about the colours artists used, how the paint was made, and how it was used - and there is also an opportunity to try one's hand at parts of the work!


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