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Medieval Crafts

28 July - 4 August 2024

The chainmail maker - and other crafts!


The market town of Sundskøbing teams with skilled craftsmen. But in week 31, we'll be visited by even more artisans - including a highly specialized and very important craftsman, whose products were indispensable for warriors, city guards, and soldiers: the chainmail maker! Chainmail, or more correctly, maille, was a crucial garment for anyone who risked going into battle, and they were quite expensive - because it was both highly specialized and very time-consuming work to make a chainmail shirt. Every ring had to be made by hand and riveted together with the other rings - and it takes about 20,000 rings to make a chainmail shirt!


Now there's an opportunity to witness this fascinating work up close when one of the world's best chainmail makers visits the Medieval Center and demonstrates their nimble and important craft; suddenly one understands why chainmail shirts were quite expensive!


Throughout the week, the chainmail maker will be complemented by a range of other specialised craftsmen, all demonstrating their various productions.


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