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Knight School

23 - 28 July 2024

How to make a Knight

How did one become a knight in the Middle Ages? Technically, one became a knight the moment they received the accolade from their king or prince. But before that, there were many things one had to learn; being a knight primarily revolves around warfare, and the knight had to be proficient in using their weapons. The training to become a knight sometimes began very early, perhaps as early as 8-10 years old - and it was hard work! One had to train to become strong, to train their courage, and to learn how to use swords, daggers, lances, and all the other important weapons.

Between 23 and 28 July, the medieval town of Sundkøbing will be visited by one of the most skilled, brave (and handsome!) medieval knights, none other than Sir Laurence de Quincy, who will establish a knight school in the town! Here, children with courage in their hearts, strength in their arms, and daring in their spirits can learn about the various aspects of knighthood, as the friendly yet stern knight Sir Laurence trains recruits for the knightly order!


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