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Welcome to the 
Medieval Center

Here, the past is palpable, authentic and raw! Unleash your sense of adventure as we transport you to the heart of the 15th century. Stroll through the cobbled streets of Sundkøbing, where craftspeople weave wonders, merchants share stories, and gallant knights clash in exhilarating jousts. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring spectacle of the world’s largest trebuchet and the thunderous roar of mighty cannons.


Embark on a journey through history at the Medieval Center, where captivating experiences await the entire family!

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Opening hours

1 May - 30  September 2024

10.00 - 16.00

May and September: closed on Mondays.

Autumn Holiday

14 - 18 October 2024

10.00 - 16.00 


A cool place to visit! You have some shows that are interesting to see and then you can wander around to see the different shops and activities.

Emilie Z. 

★  ★  ★  ★  ★

4.5  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 1.800+  Google reviews


Special Events and Theme Days

10 - 17 July

Falconry Show


23 - 28 July

Knight School


28. July - 4. Aug.

Medieval crafts

Middelaldercentret blide

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