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Company events

Compete against your colleagues in medieval games and sports - and may the best team win!

Challenge each other on courage, strength, and teamwork skills like a true knight.


We are happy to tailor a plan for you that is both challenging and educational.


We distribute the participants in teams, and approx. 30 minutes per. activity per team. Please note that some of the activities are quite physical and that practical attire and footwear are recommended. The teams must compete against each other in different medieval disciplines. For example, tug of war, archery, and soldier training! Then you can appropriately end the day with a fine dinner in the restaurant Den Gyldne Svane, where you will be served dishes inspired by medieval cuisine and with the ingredients that were available in the Middle Ages. A day filled with impressions and experiences.


The offer may include:

  • Archery (+ instructor) DKK 1.500,-  (outside opening hours DKK 2.500,-)

  • Tug of war and other games DKK 800,-

  • Old games for children and adults DKK 800,-

  • Combat training (with a spear or wooden sword): DKK 1.500,-


Trebuchet firing:

  • Large: DKK 2.500,-

  • Outside opening hours: DKK 12.000,-

  • Fireball: DKK 12.000,-



Dining can take place in our medieval restaurant The Golden Swan (Den Gyldne Svane), which is decorated as an inn from the 15th century. Here you can experience the amazing atmosphere of a medieval inn, as the innkeeper welcomes you and your guests inside. There are candles and medieval music to set the ambiance. The food you get served is made according to medieval recipes and only includes the ingredients that were available in the 15th century. Therefore, there will be no potatoes, pasta, cucumber, or coffee for the meal!

Eating in The Golden Swan is a total experience and the perfect end to a good day at the Medieval Center.


Do you want to know more?

If you want to know more about events, you are welcome to contact us for a non-binding offer.

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