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The great siege and throwing machine of the Middle Ages.

Experience the impressive sight when we throw heavy stones into Guldborgsund with the world’s largest trebuchet.


The very first step of the Medieval Center was the building of a small trebuchet, in connection with Nykøbing Falster's 700th anniversary, back in 1989. Later on, several different types of throwing machines were added, and more were demonstrated to the public.

In May 2021, we had to take the small and oldest of the trebuchets out of operation. The axis holding the large throwing arm snapped, and unfortunately, the trebuchet could not be repaired. We are working to raise funds so that we can build another trebuchet - for trebuchets, we must have at the Medieval Center!


Did you know that:

At the Medieval Center you will find Europe's, probably the world's, largest trebuchet! The Medieval Center has also helped other museums reconstruct other trebuchets, as we were the first to officially reconstruct one.


A trebuchet is a counterweight throwing machine that was used for sieges. No preserved trebuchets from the Middle Ages are known. The trebuchet of the Medieval Center is built according to drawings and descriptions from the Middle Ages.

The trebuchets are impressively large machines, which were built where they were to be used, as they were not transportable in assembled condition. They are built with high-level engineering knowledge.

Throwing objects could range from rocks, fireballs, dead animals, beehives, and even severed heads from the enemy.

They are incredibly accurate and are relatively quick to charge and fire - something the audience can experience up close at the Medieval Center.


The big trebuchet has to be loaded for shooting. Two people in each wheel walk to lower the arm in order for shooting. For safety reasons, only our interpreters and volunteers are allowed to go in the wheels.


Once the trebuchet is charged, it should be fired. Usually, a visitor is picked from the audience to do the shooting - again, under expert guidance.


The trebuchets are not climbing frames and it can be very dangerous to crawl around inside the wheels. Therefore, we ask visitors to just look, and enjoy the fine machines up close.


Are you planning to celebrate something special?

If you are planning an event at the Medieval Center, if you are part of a group on a guided tour, or if you have another special occasion to celebrate, it is possible to book a private trebuchet shot.


For more information, please contact us.

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