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At the Medieval Center, we have a large group of committed volunteers who bring Sundkøbing to life. The volunteers live in the houses in the medieval town, communicate with our guests, and make Sundkøbing a holistic experience.

At the same time, the volunteers have a good social community - many come back year after year after year. They take their children who grow up and take their children with them.

Many volunteers are interested in the Middle Ages, crafts, and history and specialize in crafts. Still, many also come as a family to enjoy the surroundings and the different summer holidays that the Medieval Center offers.

A unique way to meet new people, strengthen your interests, and have amazing experiences.

Click here to download the brochure "From Cyberspace to the Middle Ages".


Authenticity is the keyword.

In addition to being an open-air museum, the Medieval Center is also a pedagogical activity center and an experimental archaeological research center. We place very, very much emphasis on authenticity, and therefore accept no forms of modern things in the medieval town during the opening hours of the Medieval Center. No phones, watches, make-up, jewellery (wedding ring is accepted), unnatural hair colours, piercings, visible tattoos, etc. Here it is very important to mention that we do not accept glasses either. Contact lenses are of course ok to use.


Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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