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About the Medieval Center

The Medieval Center is a self-governing institution, an experimental archaeological research center, a Knowledge Education Activity Center, and a cultural attraction, where a time travel 610 years back in time is offered to visitors.


The focal point of the Medieval Center's storytelling is an important period in Danish and European history. The Viking Age is in general possibly more popular, but Denmark's growth and welfare history do not stem from looting, but from the medieval trade network. Denmark was an important station between the German Hanseatic cities and Nordic cooperation.


The Medieval Center offers a full-day experience for families and tourists with live communication, knight tournaments, and try-yourself activities. In addition, research is conducted on topics such as medieval daily life, medieval technology, and there have been research projects with gunpowder, cannons, war machines, clothing, reconstructions of houses and objects, ships, and much more. You can learn more about these projects at our education-focused website,

Middelaldercentret Nykøbing Falster - Sundkøbing panorama

Did you know that:

Visiting the Medieval Center is like traveling in time. You will land in the middle of a small market town, where there are craftspeople, knights, soldiers, and children. You can hear the blacksmith hammering, smell campfire smoke, and you are welcome to touch and feel the weight of the middle ages. It is as if the objects from the museums' stands have been taken out and come to life!

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