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Whom can you meet in Sundkøbing?

In the medieval town of Sundkøbing, there are people from all walks of life. The knights do not live in the city itself but often visit it when there are tournaments.

You can meet rich merchants, artisans, merchants in the town square, the rope maker, soldiers, children, and young people.

Take a walk in the city and see who is at home. If you have questions, the town citizens are happy to answer, and they are also happy to tell you about their everyday lives.

The knights: You usually meet them on horseback in their beautiful armor when preparing for the tournaments that take place in the tournament field.

Merchant: The city's richest merchant lives in the red house on the ridge, down by the harbor. Here you can visit his large home with all the fine goods.

Craftspeople: Sundkøbing has a blacksmith, carpenter, shoemaker, weaver, painter, rope maker, amulet maker, tailor, and many other craftspeople who work in the city. Look into their workshops and see what they do.

Other merchants: In the town square, the merchants sell their goods from the stalls. The market women know many funny stories, and they are always good for a chat.

Travelers: There are often guests in the city, pilgrims, or other travelers. They sleep in the town's large hostel on the square.

The people


Did you know that:

The citizens of Sundkøbing like to talk about their town and their everyday lives? They also like to show off their crafts. In Sundkøbing there are no signs, so to get knowledge, you have to talk to the citizens of the city. Don't worry - they love to talk and show what they are doing!

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