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The Medieval Academy

The Medieval Academy is the Medieval Center's new education and research platform.

Here it is possible to dive deeper into history - both about the Medieval Center and about the Middle Ages in general. If you want more knowledge about certain topics, you might find it here.

The Medieval Academy is our nerd side, where you get to know more about the Middle Ages and the Medieval Center.


At the Medieval Academy, it will be possible to find information about the projects we have made and participated in the past, and about the research conducted at the Medieval Center and by affiliated research groups. Our past newsletter magazines are available for download, and the website will be continuously updated with new articles and materials.


There are also in-depth articles about our buildings, our interpretation concept, and the ideas behind the Medieval Center.


It is our idea that the Medieval Academy should be the place where one finds information about the Middle Ages for use in school assignments and own pleasure. A knowledge platform where we at the Medieval Center share our knowledge with everyone who has an interest.


The website is currently only available in Danish.

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Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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