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Technology park

See, try, and experience the car, the elevator, the airplane, the perpetual motion machine, and many other exciting inventions from the Middle Ages.


The cradle of technology

The Medieval Center has built a number of period inventions and amazing full-size machines. Basing the reconstructions of medieval books and manuscript illustrations, we have selected a large number of inventions, which illustrate the early history of technology, and which tell about a period of our recent history, where a number of prominent people with playful minds, threw themselves into quite large technological advances.


All the machines can be tried and tested and there is something for everyone. The park is divided into theme areas; water, war technology, lifting and hoisting techniques, and "evolutionary tryouts", as we must admit that not everything that was invented in the Middle Ages worked as intended.


War books - the story of medieval engineers

In the Middle Ages, a number of war books were published in very few copies, all of which were written for kings or princes. The books contain a lot of drawings and descriptions of mechanical devices for war use, instructions on the manufacture of gunpowder and pyrotechnic weapons as well as diving equipment, and much more.


Many of the illustrations, to our knowledge today, would not work in practice, and the general rule is that the authors have "borrowed" or been inspired by the work of others. The illustrations are repeated in the various books, and mistakes are repeated instead of being corrected. But in addition, there are also some of the devices that worked in practice.


Did you know that:

The War Books are unique documents and sources for a period of European history in which technological development was in its cradle, and in which prominent personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci, Beringuccio, Bengedans, and a number of other great engineers threw themselves into experiments and inventions.

For the first time ever!

The Medieval Center has created a Technology Park on a 5-hectare area, where the period's fantastic machines and inventions are built-in full size. A place where you can try things out and see how the machines work and understand the technology that underlies the high-tech society we have today.


This makes the concept of "the Dark Ages" very misleading and does not at all describe the period correctly, as so much technological progress took place and there was fertile ground for many of the things we take for granted today.


Practical information:

The Technology Park is located at the far end of the Medieval Center, by the Archery Range and the Magical Forest. Private tours can be booked in the Technology Park.


Experience and try the medieval inventions

Private tours can be booked for the Technology Park.

Contact Tina Scheel for more information.

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