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16-20 October - Autumn Holiday

Fantastic autumn holidays at the Medieval Center - never boring at the Medieval Center!

Autumn is upon us, the leaves are turning yellow, and the air is clear and fresh. It's time for the autumn holidays! Definitely one of the best weeks of the year at the Medieval Center. It's the last week we're open for the season, which is why we always kick it up a notch with lots of adventures for young and old.


Something for the whole family

The program is packed with exciting and educational experiences for the whole family, and every day there is something new. At the beginning of the week, the kitchen is busy cooking, baking, butchering and cooking for the big party day on Wednesday, when the knight Sir Henrik Swan invites everyone to a big torchlight tournament. There will be a big party in town and the cook and her helpers are busy. 

The craftsmen are working in their workshops and the townspeople are looking after their homes - and are happy to invite you in for a chat about life in Sundkøbing in 1413.  

The knight's armour will be on display in the town armoury in the square - here, children can try on a real suit of armour made for the son of Sir Henrik Swan. The big trebuchet is fired daily and sends out big heavy balls over Guldborgsund.

We are working on the program and details of the event. More information coming soon.


Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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