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16-20 October - Autumn Holiday

The citizens of the good town of Sundkøbing are looking forward to welcoming young and old, families and adventurers - welcome to the autumn holiday at the Medieval Center!


In the past, the October vacation was called "potato vacation" because children had to toil in the fields harvesting potatoes. But in the Middle Ages, potatoes hadn't yet arrived in Europe, so at the Medieval Center, it's the well-known concept that prevails: AUTUMN VACATION! Not a trace of hard, dirty work - just fun, laughter, and mischief galore!


Some things shouldn't be tampered with. There are strong traditions for the autumn vacation in the medieval town, and all the old, familiar features can, of course, be experienced this year as well: the trebuchets are fired every day, just like the spectacular knight tournaments, and the cannons are allowed to thunder so it's a joy to listen to. Skilled craftspeople work in the workshops, and as always, you can try your hand at archery and medieval games for all ages, or you can embark on an exciting treasure hunt.


And, of course, as always, there is an evening opening on Wednesday (10:00 - 20:30), with the legendary, atmospheric torch-lit tournament, fire trebuchets, and a fantastic fireworks display to end the evening. The admission price after 16:00 is DKK 90 per person (Children 0-2 years — Free entrance). Tickets for entry after 16:00 can only be purchased at the entrance.


But there's also an entirely new feature! Every day, you have the opportunity to experience an activity that hasn't been seen in Denmark for about 500 years: the noble and noble game of football! Namely, football in its original form, which was anything but noble and noble - in fact, it was much more brutal, messy, and anarchic than the feeble ball-kicking we know today; based on reports of the game as it looked in the 15th century, there is an exhibition match every day between the two local teams, Sundkøbing Lunatics and Guldborgsund Gargoyles, and a thrilling showdown is set between these two arch-enemy teams. There are hardly any rules... so it can only be intense and exciting!


The citizens of the good town of Sundkøbing are looking forward to welcoming young and old, both young and not so young - welcome to the autumn vacation at the Medieval Center!



10:30 - 11:30

10:30 - 12:00



13:00 - 13:30



14:45 - 15:45


The Medieval Center opens

The Archery range is open

Children activities

Trebuchet shooting


Meet the Knight

Knights tournament

Medieval games

The Archery range is open

The Medieval Center closes

We reserve the right to make changes to the program. Weather conditions, such as heavy rain or extreme heat, can lead to changes or cancellations.


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