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War in the Middle Ages - Cannons and firearms

At the Medieval Center, you can experience a large selection of medieval gunpowder weapons. We have several cannons, a bombard, and several medieval handguns.


The first cannons appeared on battlefields around Europe in the first half of the 14th century, and in a very short time, there were large quantities of gunpowder and ammunition in the European armies.


The cannons of the Medieval Center are copies and reconstructions of originals from the Middle Ages, and research continues into the use and manufacturing of gunpowder weapons of the Middle Ages at the Medieval Center. Among other things, a research group has been formed and has made attempts to produce gunpowder according to medieval recipes.

The Anholt cannon and the swing bass are small transportable cannons. The Anholt cannon is a rear-loading cannon and was found in 1990 off the coast of the island Anholt. It is mounted on a trolley so it can be moved around. It is a ship cannon, just like the swing bass, which has its name because it can be turned quite easily.


Practical information:

The big bombard, the new Anholt cannon, the swing bass, and the small handguns are fired every Saturday at 15:00, as well as on Wednesdays in the high season. They are close by the Trebuchet.


The cannons make a loud noise, so it is advisable to keep yourself and small children further away, and possibly walk a little away from the firing range if you have dogs that are not trained for loud noises.



Did you know that:

Handcannons were medieval firearms, a form of small portable cannon.

The bombard is a robust medieval cannon that was often used in sieges to break down walls.

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