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Take a walk in the Magic Forest if you dare!


In The Magical Forest, you can meet and learn about medieval supernatural beings. For example, a ghostly horse with only three legs. You can also meet the vampire - the living dead, the underground creatures, the lepers, and the riverman who took little children…


Take a walk in the Magic Forest and experience a different and a little more eerie side of the Middle Ages - if you dare!


In the city, citizens can tell about experiences they have had in the forest, or what precautions you should take, for example, if you are pregnant.

Practical information:

The Magic Forest is located at the far end of the Medieval Center, by the Archery Range and the Technology Park, and is a suitable activity for children. See the map.


The Magic Forest requires sensible footwear and is not suitable for wheelchairs or people with walking disabilities. In the Magic Forest, there are explanatory signs and small exhibitions. We ask you to take care of the exhibited objects.

The magical forest


Did you know that:

To recognize a werewolf you have to look between the shoulder blades to look for a lock of hair and his eyebrows will have grown together. He can not touch silver.

Archery range

Try your hand at shooting with medieval longbows!

In the Middle Ages, archery was an important part of life. The bow was used for hunting, and it was a well-developed and very precise weapon of war.

Boys from the age of 8 were trained in archery, and in England, where the longbow was the army's most important weapon, there were laws that stated that all men should train every Sunday.

Many of Sundkøbing’s citizens are also skilled archers, and Sir Henrik Svane has an archery guild, Arcus Verus, who sometimes trains on the archery range, where they also mediate archery.


Try for yourself!

Everyone can try their hand at archery at the Medieval Center when the Archery Range is open.

There are instructors present who guide and show how to use the bow. It's free to try and there are three arrows for each.


Practical information:

The Archery Range is located in the far part of the Medieval Center across from the forest and close to the Technology Park and the Magic Forest. See the map here.

The Archery Range is open twice a day. See daily program for opening hours.


Experience the Middle Ages first hand

 It is possible to book private tours of the Magic Forest.

It is also possible to book a company event, a team-building event, or a private event where the Archery Range is included as part of the program.

Contact Tina Scheel for more information.

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