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Exciting Escape Rooms and school services

On Madam Knubs Venge, a little north of Nykøbing Falster, a small town was recently built - Griffenholm - at position 54.47 ° 32 'N, 11.50 ° 26' E.


In the forest next to the Medieval Center lies a parallel universe: Griffenholm.

Griffenholm is a fantasy universe a la Harry Potter, where a peculiar Professor lives and studies the animals and the fantastic creatures that live and hide in the forest.


Griffenholm has been developed as a teaching service for schools and institutions, supported by the Nordea Foundation. In addition, there are escape rooms that can be booked for private events.


Griffenholm can sometimes be open during the Medieval Center's opening hours, so our guests can go for a walk in the area, but there will be no live interpretation or the opportunity to visit the houses.


Professor Julius Abraham Griffenholm and his assistants live in Griffenholm. Their mission is to find and gather knowledge about medieval fabled animals and other mysterious and supernatural beings.


Griffenholm is a completely unique experience for schools, families, companies on tour, and other people who dare to move into Griffenholm’s world.


Here school classes can have an experience beyond the usual when they have to go through our immersion course. Puzzles and tasks must be solved, while the professor's steampunk-clad assistants supervise the students. Keywords are immersion, slowness, and thoroughness - it's not about finishing first, but about understanding...


Should your company trip be a little different? Should birthdays have a fun start?

Book an escape room in Griffenholm - a very special experience where you fight against time to solve puzzles to escape the room and win the game!


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