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The Medieval Center café

Welcome to the Café!

In the Café, you can buy sandwiches, ice cream, french fries, soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Here everything is modern and you’ll find products that you can not get inside the medieval restaurant.

If you just want a little quick something to eat before continuing your visit, the café is a perfect choice.

Here you can sit and enjoy a sandwich or a cup of coffee while the children play in the activity areas next to the resting area.


The café is open during the Medieval Centre's opening hours (the kitchen closes at 15:00).


The activity areas - try for yourself!

Do you and your child have an architect or maybe an engineer inside you? In the café area, you can experiment with water in our new water area or build a castle with wooden bricks. Younger children can also play with the wooden animals on the small farm. Also, remember to be photographed as the knight Sir Henrik Svane and his wife in our finely painted photo walls, or maybe you would rather be a criminal or executioner?

You can also try your force and dexterity with the knight's disciplines in the sword arena or with the lance against the quintain.


By the forest, you will find the archery range and an area where you can practice precision by throwing stones at small targets.

Café area at the Medieval Center in Danmark.

Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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