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Help us fund the building of a new full-scale medieval trebuchet!

The Medieval Center (Danish: Middelaldercentret) is an open-air archaeological museum and medieval technology center, recreating an early 15th-century Danish market town in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark.


In 1989 a replica of a medieval trebuchet was built to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Nykøbing. This project launched an interest in medieval technology, crafts, and daily life. For more than 30 years, trebuchets have been the trademark of the Medieval Center, and we are building a new one in 2023. To do this, we need your help to help finance the build!

What are we aiming for, and your perks

We are aiming for 500.000 DKK (Danish Kroner) that will serve to buy the materials and some of the tools to build the trebuchet, and also to pay the craftspeople that will work on the project.


Your perks

Unique, exclusive, and (medieval) fun! We have prepared a list of perks for everyone who contributes to this project. From the most humble thank you to the premium-trebuchet-master-level award, we have something for every contributor!


List of perks (check the details in Indiegogo to see what each level will award you):

  • A huge thank you for the support

  • Name recorded on the Contributors wall at the Medieval Center.

  • One exclusive postcard signed by one of the Medieval Center’s trebuchet masters. 

  • One exclusive magnet.

  • Ticket for the Medieval Center for the season 2023.

  • An exclusive piece of wood (20x10cm) from the trebuchet with a printed logo.

  • 3d printed model of one of the Medieval Center's trebuchets.

  • Season card for the Medieval Center for the season 2023.

  • Meal in the restaurant, Den Gyldne Svane, Denmark's only authentic medieval restaurant. 

  • Exclusive handmade trebuchet model made in wood (1 only available).

A glimpse of medieval life

Building a trebuchet is no easy task and it is also expensive. We want to do it right, we want to involve the local community, and the local schools to teach people about medieval crafts. 


But we also want to involve a much wider community: our fellow nerds, re-enactors, history lovers and craft people around the world!


It is our plan to host a huge building festival in the summer of 2023 where we invite historical craft people (mainly carpenters and blacksmiths) to come and help build the trebuchet. It is an opportunity to also test how fast it was to raise a trebuchet in the Middle Ages.

Medieval reenactors working on joinery project.
Vintage photos of medieval trebuchets.

Other ways you can help

If you can't contribute to this project, help us by spreading the word! Share this project with your friends and family, and tag us on social media!

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